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Confidence in Phytoceramides

10:00 AM - June 5, 2014 byRebecca Blecheer

The Food and Drug Administration has recently approved Phytoceramides as a safe ingredient in anti aging creams and supplements. Clinical trials conducted in Europe, Japan and the United States all indicated a very promising outcome.

Skin care specialists dubbed it "Facelift in a bottle", because it has the ability to drop 10 years off your age. Ceramides has been discovered more than a century ago, but it is just recently that scientists have approved that it is also safe as a major ingredient in nutritional supplements to promote healthy skin.

====>Look Years Younger<====

The plant derived ingredient is safer and the main sources are wheat and rice. Decades ago, ceramides has already been used by some of the world's biggest cosmetic names. Creams, lotions, and even lipstick contained ceramides. Its long history and use owes its success to the discovery of something that existed in animals and plants since time immemorial. The new ingredient created widespread attention. Let us find out more about it.

What is Phytoderamides

Scientists proved that ceramides are lipids that are naturally found in plants too. Wheat germ, rice, spinach, and many other plants can be good sources of ceramides. It is also found in humans and also in animals such as cows. This type of lipid is a integral part of a healthy skin. It acts as a natural moisturizer, giving the skin a smooth and plum appearance. As a person age, the lipids decrease and thus the appearance of wrinkles and lines. Sagging also results from skin aging and gravity. The role of ceramide is keep the skin hydrates to keep it firm.

Phytoceramide is safe. Clinical studies concluded that there are no adverse or side effects. This natural ingredient is non toxic and also safe even when taken orally. With regular use, it helps protect the skin from stress, ultraviolet light, and toxins that bombard the skin every day. Not only it helps to promote younger looking skin, it also serves as protection and natural moisturizer. Findings in clinical studies indicate that this type of moisturizer works like no other topical creams. It penetrates the skin, stays there, and keeps it hydrated for longer.

Best Sources of Ceramides

According to scientific studies, plants
are now the best source of safe ceramides.Spinach, millet, eggs, soybeans and many others. Rice and wheat germ have higher concentrations of ceramides and have become a major source.Studies show that gluten free ceramides are better because they do not cause allergies. Oral administration trials indicate that the supplements can be taken on an empty stomach without ill effects whatsoever. For cosmetic applications and oral supplements,
brown rice and wheat germ are safest. 

The skin needs nourishment, in order to achieve a younger skin. However, American studies concluded that most American are not eating enough of the natural foods containing phytoceramides. As a person ages, the need for these lipids also increase, however, the natural production decreases. Not eating enough foods that require a healthy skin can cause pre mature aging. Studies also show that not all American can eat the recommended dietary requirement to achieve a healthy skin. Studies also show that most American adults only eat about 0.4 grams of ceramides each day.

How Does it Work?

There is a great reason why it is called a miracle ingredient. It works instantly by penetrating the skin and bond to the cells underneath the skin. Ceramides holds the cell molecules together, which smoothens and firms the skin structure.

Phytoderamides work from within as it repairs damaged skin immediately, replacing moisture loss, and keep the skin plump. The skin becomes firm due to stable skin tissues. As a result, the skin becomes younger, firmer, eliminating sagging and wrinkles. Ceramides also protects the skin from the ravages of stress and sun
With daily application or consumption, the skin has ample protection against toxins and bacterial infection. It creates a barrier that can impede the spread of cancerous cells. Not only the skin becomes 10 years younger, it even has its own defence against skin diseases.

Clinical studies show that skin lesions, psoriasis, and eczema exacerbates when the skin is low in ceramide levels. Such skin diseases are also the result of dry skin and compromised skin protection. DAily application can ease most skin diseases. Phytoceramides can be a true miracle find. Truly, it is a product of nature that surpasses any other. It protects and beautify, how great is that?

Is it Just For The Skin?

The Korea Research Foundation Grant sponsored a research on the effects of phytoceramide on mice. The study conducted on mice found out that it also enhances memory. Specific doses orally administered to mice stimulates cells that enhance memory formation. such enhancement is also essential for both memory and learning.

The study was conducted through the use of lab mice because they have similar genetic make up to that of humans, about 80%. Thus, what affects mice, can also affect humans. The study concluded that  Phytoceramides not only enhances skin health but it also revealed that it has memory enhancing benefits. Scientists only scratched the surface on the potential of this miracle ingredient.

Why Phytoceramides A Safe Choice?

In 1853, many scientific research papers were published about ceramides and since then, and its use has become widespread. Scientists are able to extract ceramides from the brains of bovines used for cosmetics, 20 years after that. Since then, cosmetic industries develop methods on how to manufacture  animal derived ceramides and can be used in many cosmetic applications and later, treatments. Various methods and technology were developed, making such lipids a viable ingredient in many anti aging creams.

Although ceramides from other sources such as cows and eggs are used many decades ago, plant derivatives are safer. Bovine ceramides are a popular ingredient in anti aging creams in the past but animal derived ceramides can carry viruses. Mad cow disease and other viral infection may still be a risk factor.

Plant based products are safer and low risk compared to animal derivative. While many dermatologists question if plant based derivatives can be as effective as those extracted from cows. Studies indicate that animal ceramides are similar to that of plant based ones, such as those that come from wheat germ and rice. Phytoceramides are far safer choice and now it is all yours to take.


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